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Matthew Palmo is a self-taught artist. Without formal training, he developed an individual approach and distinctive style of painting.

Matthew's work features an array of resplendent light and vivid colors. The themes of his paintings include abstract figures and animals along with surreal landscapes with exaggerated color and glowing foliage. Often his paintings are of a spiritual nature with good and evil images and apocalyptic visions.

Matthew's work has been featured in art galleries and other venues in Buffalo, NY,  New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA, and Naples, Italy. He was a resident artist at the redFISH Art Studios in East Aurora, NY, and in 2014 opened his own studio and gallery in East Aurora.

He is the founder of IndicatorArt which is a not-for-profit corporation providing inclusive artistic programs for people with developmental disabilities. (www.indicatorart.com.)

Matthew and his wife and son split their time living on a farm in Western New York, and in Woodlands Hills, CA. He  is currently establishing an art space in Canoga Park, CA.

If you would like more information about Matthew's artwork or would like to purchase a painting, contact him at 716-512-5258 (mattpalmo@indicatorart.com)

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