Untitled photo

I am a self-taught, acrylic artist.  I work on many canvases, sometimes ten to fifteen at the same time.  I go back and forth between the paintings in an intense and seemingly reckless manner,  dragging colors over colors until the canvas disappears behind a newly formed, heavily textured surface. This background serves as the foundation of the painting.  From this point, I often create surreal landscapes which present exaggerated color and glowing foliage.  If i continue, I paint a story into the landscape by forming images that are often unrelated to each other except in dreams. I also paint abstract portraits of people and mystical animals.  My work is often of a spiritual nature and sometimes presents apocalyptic themes.  At the start of a painting, I do not have a completed image in mind. The picture evolves as I work based on a variety of internal and external factors.

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